Andras Gal, Budapest - -
Andras Gal: gray area – Recent paintings - The Border of the Painting,
Ernst Museum/Kunsthalle Budapest 2008
pure gray 2008 190 x 280 cm, oil on canvas

pure gray 2008 190 x 280 cm, oil on canvas, detail

pure gray 2008 190 x 280 cm, oil on canvas, blow up

untitled/gray, 2008, 68 x 68cm, oil on wood

untitled/gray, 2008, 68 x 68cm, oil on wood, detail who’s afraid of yellow…, 2007, each 110 x 340, 4 parts installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Ludwig Museum, Budapest who’s afraid of yellow…, 2007, detail

Biographie / Biography

Born in Budapest, June 24, 1968
Lives and works in Budapest   

1982-86 School of Art and Design, Budapest 1987-91 - Degree in Painting, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1991-1994 Postgraduate studies at the Mural Department, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1995-96 Assistant professor of Painting Department, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
2002 Assistant curator Colour - a Life of its Own / Hungarianand International Monochrome Painting, Kunsthalle Budapest
2007 Chief Curator - Painting Painting, International Monochrome Painting in Vass collection
2007-2009 Vass Collection Veszprém H   

1992 Barcsay Prize, Budapest 
1996 Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Rome 
1997 Scholarship of the Kunstverein Alte Schmiede. Vienna 
1997 3rd Prize, Strabag Painting Competitition, Budapest 
1997-1999 Derkovits Scholarship, Budapest 2000 Artist in Residence, Vienna 
2001 Hungarian State Eötvös Scholarship, Budapest 
2007 Art - Universitas Program / painting installation , Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry, Budapest 
2008 Kunststiftung Baden- Württemberg, Sttutgart


“Intuition through knowledge.”(Frederic Matys Thursz) 1999
I made my first light grey picture, sized 40x40 cm, the edges also covered with paint, in 1994. It was a response to my experience of Alan Charlton, whose works I had first seen in the Dörrie-Priess Gallery in Hamburg. Robert Mangold called his grey industrial.
1. while Charlton gave the hue a social dimension when he started to employ the grey wall paint commonly used in the working-class homes of London. When Basel-based collector Karl Laszlo first visited Budapest in the 1960s, he encountered a fathomless greyness, with the original colours of old buildings faded into grey and the new housing developments coated in grey plaster. I myself grew up in such a house, with grey dust sticking to every coloured surface and creating a myriad variations of grey. It was like living amongst the grey surfaces that Gerhard Richter created with a paint roller.
2.The colour body goes on to inhabit the edges of the canvas, is made physical by an organic material structure. Whatever colour I have used, I have always seen grey behind it. The canvases on the stretchers, like so many boxes of space, could be Morandi’s bottles.
1.“At the time I was attracted to generic or ‘industrial’ colors, paper bag brown, file cabinet gray, industrial green, that kind of thing.” Robert Mangold 
2. Museum (Kaserne bzw. Amtsgebauude) für 1000 große Bilder, 1975 Tinte (Feder) auf Papier 21 x 29,7 cm Privatbesitz Köln   
3.“The painting finds its way behind every order, whether innate or trained, defined conceptually, mathematically, geometrically or by a (formal) aesthetic: it finds the ground of absolute emotion as a kind of elementary capacity.” Max Imdahl

Selected One- and Two Person Exhibitions  

Andras Gal – The Border of the Painting, Bergner +Job Galerie, Mainz 
Evolution of the Painting  - with Krzysztof Gliszczynski , Hungarian Cultural Institute , Warsaw 

Andras Gal – The Border of the Painting, Ernst Museum/Kunsthalle Budapest 
Evolution of the Painting  - with Krzysztof Gliszczynski, Galeria Platan, Polish Institute, Budapest 

2006 Blow Up.Fészek Gallery,Budapest – with Éva Kőves 

Andras Gal and Thomas Pihl,Galerie De Rijk,Den Haag,NL 
Colour container. Hungarian Culturel Centre London 

After Caput Mortuum. Fészek Gallery,Budapest 
ACP Viviane Ehrli Galerie, Zürich
Recent paintings. Vadnai Gallery, Budapest 

Duplicate. Art-Garage, Zug CH 
Verein für Aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebeit e.V. - with Tinka von Hasselbach, Oberhausen 

2001 Aniconic paintings.  Goethe Institut  - with Hartwig Kompa, Budapest

Selected Group Exhibitions

Akzent Ungarn.Ungarische Kunst 1960 bis 1990 aus der Sammlung der Neuen Galerie Graz des Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz 

Tolerance in Art - Danubiana - Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava 
Gegenstandslos. 200 KünstlerInnen aus 18 Ländern, gkg Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung e.V. Bonn 
Coup d’oeil , Oeuvres de la collection d’István Hoffmann, Institut Francais,salle Pedrazzini, Budapest 

1-2-3 The Collection in Focus ,LUMU Museum of Contemporary Art - Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Color based paintings III. Bergner + Job Galerie, Mainz
Time-Space-Existence. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Painting Painting,International Monochrome Painting in Vass collection 2007-2009,Vass Collection Veszprém H 
White and Black ,Open Structures Art Society,OSAS, Vasarely Museum, Budapest 

Ten Years of  the Strabag Painting Prize . Museum of Contemporary Art - Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Curtain Call! Lausberg Contemporary,Toronto ON 

Special for viennAfair ’05: Private Collecting Budapest, Knoll Galerie,Wien 
Personal structures.Vadnai Gallery,Budapest
Constructive conceptions. Vass Collection,Veszprém H 
Personal structures.Ludwig Museum at the Deutschherrenhaus,Koblenz 
New acquisitions 1995-2005. St.Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár H 
Choreography.Vadnai Gallery, Budapest 

Personal structures. Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf
Die Farbe hat mich II. (nicht nur rot) Neuerwerbungen 2000-2004 für die Sammlungen des Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum Hagen 
Painting - Painting, Vadnai Gallery, Budapest 

2003 Seeing Red - Contemporary Nonobjective Painting, Hunter College / Times Square Gallery, MFA Building, New York City 

Colour - a Life of its Own. an exhibition of hungarian and international monochrome painting, Kunsthalle, Budapest 

Public Collections  

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz 
Institut of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros H 
St. Stephen King Museum
Székesfehérvár H 
Karl Ernst Osthaus–Museum Hagen 
Vass Collection ,Veszprém H 
LUMU Museum of Contemporary Art - Ludwig Museum
Budapest Municipal Art Museum, Győr H